Pet Grooming - Your Best Bet For Avoiding Trips to the Vet

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Let's face it. Taking your pet to the vet can be a frustrating, sometimes traumatic, experience... for both of you. But did you know that you can avoid this stressful experience just by grooming your pet on a regular basis?

Believe it or not, keeping your pet's coat trimmed, brushed or combed can help to avoid disaster. I'd like to illustrate this point by telling you a true story.

I know a veterinarian who was trying to figure out why a small dog brought into his office couldn't take the smallest step without letting out a blood-curdling scream. The dog would just stand in one place, shaking, holding his mouth open in a peculiar, frozen grimace.

The dogs owners were inconsolable, as they were convinced the dog had contracted some rare, horrible, possibly-incurable disease.

After careful examination of the dogs paws, the vet ruled out any nails, thorns or other sharp objects that may have been embedded in the pads. There were also no broken bones or signs of external or internal injuries. This was one of the weirdest cases the vet had ever seen.

Upon closer examination the veterinarian discovered a thick, long hair coming out of the dog's lower chest area, traveling up and into the dog's mouth where it had become wrapped, tightly, around one of the dog's lower front teeth.

Now the vet clearly understood why it was so excruciating for the dog to take a step and why his mouth was frozen open.

Using dog grooming scissors, the vet simply cut the offending hair, releasing the dog from his agony.

This strange event could have been avoided simply by keeping the dog's coat trimmed. Trimming, brushing, and, yes, even bathing, can do wonders for the health and well being of your pet. It also gives you an opportunity to interact with your dog or cat in a special, loving way.

Make no mistake. If you want to avoid traumatic trips to the vet, do yourself and your pet a favor: make regular pet grooming part of your normal routine.

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The article was written by life-long, pet advocate, Bobbi Hightower, who points out, "The bond between you and your pet is special. Strengthen that bond by keeping your pet healthy and happy. Regular pet grooming is a special way to show your love and care for your animal. Make this a positive experience by having the best pet grooming supplies on hand. Visit Best Pet Grooming Supplies to learn more.

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Pet Grooming - Your Best Bet For Avoiding Trips to the Vet

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This article was published on 2010/04/03